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It is a very gloomy day in New Zealand. The smell of rain and the feel of the mellow breeze is putting me to sleep. As for the outfit I am loving colors like these (rust). I was going for a very chic look here. A stylish yet smart outfit. A head turn for sure!. This will have to be one of my favourites of the many that I have done. Only because I always opt to in-cooperate casual with chic. You do not need a blazer or tie to look dapper and chic. The key thing is to combine similar colors or multiple for some matters. 



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My mind is not clear, a lot has been going on in my life and I have not been able to blog or create outfits as much as I would like to. This outfit is called "mess" because it was something I did in a couple of minutes. Not my best, but I feel that I should still upload it. I don't know where I was going for with the pork pie hat but I have always wanted to create an outfit to go with it. I paired the Bison hat with an elegant cardigan along with a classic Topman t-shirt. I finished off the outfit by pairing these stylish pair of jeans with my new founded Operator boots from J Shoes. 




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One thing that has always been on my to do list is to go on a road trip. The last road trip that I had taken was with my girlfriend , but it involved working while I was on the road. Sometimes I feel that life gets so hard that I just want to pack my bags , jump in the car and DRIVE!. The feeling of blasting loud music and driving on the highway at the speed of 100 km/hour is the most amazing feeling in the world. An escape to your problems. 

I know that people always say - face your problems and don't run away from it. But personally I think that some times you just have to RUN. No matter what the problem is it is always good to clear your mind and sometimes get away from the issue.

Have a great day guys. X


Thank You

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Just wanted to say how thankful I am for the people who are following my blog. I am so happy to know that people out there enjoy and appreciate my sense of fashion. Please keep commenting and following and spread the word. I will forever be grateful. I hope that with your help I will be able to expand this blog and have time to post more outfits.

Once again , Thank you and Thank you!

- Adam




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It's spring time in NZ , but I am so in love with autumn that I am trying to in-corporate rusty colors into my outfit. The hues merge greatly together! The rust and ochre colors blend in with the green hoodie, this takes away from the dominant blue color in the outfit. I added the brown glasses to build up the dark rusty colors. Overall a very simple outfit, with a great color sense.


Midnight Snack


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It was nearly midnight, me and a few of my friends were lazying on the couch and were wide awake. Eventually our boredom was overpowered by our sudden hunger for some McDonald's. So we jumped in a cab and headed to McDonald's and grabbed a midnight snack. We spent around an hour chatting and relaxing. I felt very heavy after having 2 cups of butterscotch cream.! One of my favourite coffee flavours at McCafe. 

I kept it very simple since it was just a casual outing. I paired a half sleeved Burton shirt with a pale blue jeans from Pull & Bear. I finished the outfit off with a pair of boots from Burton and my famous yet common pair of accessory, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. 


No Words

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Another simple look by me. A very smart yet stylish look. Pull & Bear is currently my favourite store and I cannot get enough of their pieces. Here I went for a very smart look adding the Eye wear seemed like a good idea and sent across the "smart" message. Autumn is a good time to wear knitwear and cardigans are one of my favourites , add it with a simple t-shirt and you are on your way to looking smart, stunning yet stylish. 



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My all time favourite store in New Zealand is hands down Hallensteins! I love everything they sell from their footwear to accessories. I don't ever dream of shopping anywhere else other than Hallensteins. So I decided to add some pieces from Hallensteins and to somehow incorporate Topman to create this outfit. Again, very casual and versatile. Hope you love it as much as I do.!



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I feel that this outfit is very subtle and calm. I love the combination of the faded green T-shirt and the all saints denim jeans. I matched the dull coloured beanie with the darker shaded shoes to add some rusty colours into this outfit and it all went together quite well, I think. Once again I have added the rosary to accessorize the outfit so it won't seem dull or plain. I don't do too well with too many accessories so I always try to stick to the minimal. The darker shaded aviators adds a very stylish touch to the outfit and once again adds to the darker side of the outfit to balance out the colours efficiently.

Have an amazing day guys! 



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I love vintage patterns on literally anything. So I decided to put together an outfit which focused on different Bohemian like patterns. I am in love with these shoes from Topman. I am not usually for jewellery but I decided to add it this time just to experiment! 
A great outfit for university or school. I took a risk with this outfit by pairing a lot of patterns. I feel that it worked quite well together. Like I said I love experimenting! So don't hesitate to take risks because you will learn from your mistakes.



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Adam X





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Thought of the day

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 The tools to him who has the ability to handle them. ”
— French Proverb


Quote of the day

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"Temper, if ungoverned, governs the whole man."
— Lord Shaftesbury





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The Original Skin

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A few days ago I came across The Original Skin. It's a new clothing Label based in London, England. They have recently launched their online store and have 4 tee shirt designs for now. To celebrate their launch they are offering 50% on all T-Shirts, only $19.99 pounds! !

So hurry up and grab your self a tee!! My favourite would have to be The Newspaper.

What's yours? :)

Bags Bags Bags!!!

It can sometimes be a challenge when you are out shopping for bags. Yes, some of us are certain on what we want, but when it comes to me I feel that different bags are for different needs. Therefore, it is dire that you are able to choose the right bag for the right occasion or need.

MATERIAL: Firstly it is a good idea to select what type of material you are looking for. Leather is usually a common one, but once again it really depends on what you are using it for. Other than leather you also have the choice of canvas, waxed cotton and a few others . It all depends on your personal style. Keep in mind that lesser quality bags will use synthetic material , which won't age well, and thinner fabrics can often fray and wear out. Look for quality stitching and solid hardware. Saving up for a costlier bag is better than buying a cheap one and getting rid of it in a few months.

NEED: What do you need a bag for? Do you need a bag to stow away your gym clothes along with your laptop, or something sleeker to house your iPad and a few files. If you commute on a bike or do a lot of walking, you might be interested in a rucksack. Gadget lovers should opt for plenty of pockets.

UPKEEP: A bag can practically last forever, IF you keep it in a clean and tidy condition. That means checking the stitching and the corner making sure that there is no wear and tear and cleaning it every few months would help. Condition leather bags and clean canvas in soap and water. (But please don't throw them in the washer, that is one way of ruining a great bag)

Keep in mind that it is the quality rather than the quantity of money that matters. I have put together some bags, some are on the cheap side, but some on the costly side. I would recommend sites like Topman and urban outfitters if you are university or school student. They have great bags in spectacular styles. However, if you looking for quality bags I suggest J.Crew, Nordstrom and Fossil. That is if you are willing to spend a lot of money.



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I am not really a fan of soccer/football. But I definitely admire David Beckham's fashion. I mean who wouldn't?

David Beckham's style combines classic pieces with a trendier European look. Beckham is often seen in worn-in jeans paired with a slightly dressier Oxford shirt, sometimes layered under a sweater or a jacket. He's known to dress up a pair of jeans with a tie, and dress down an otherwise trendy outfit with a beanie.

Beckham is also a huge fan of jackets, coats and checked shirts. David Beckham's look is all about the subtle details. He always wears a belt and usually dons sunglasses.

He is a trend setter and definitely an inspiration to me.

If you are into casual outfits I would definitely recommend a closer look into his style.

Wayfaring stranger

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